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"I admit I was a bit nervous for my first hypnosis session, but Jenn took the time to explain the process and make me feel completely at ease. She went above and beyond to connect with me before we started the session, and she fostered great respect and compassionate attention to my biggest life "questions" at the time. The session brought me great closure in terms of the loss of loved ones and also brought me clarity for my own personal future career direction. My session with Rise Up Hypnosis was also the catalyst for a journey of understanding better my own mind-body connection in terms of chronic health struggles. I can't thank Jenn enough for the peace and insight that her session provided! It was also really cool to have access to the recording to revisit from time to time."

~ Amber W., Anchorage, Alaska

"I started doing hypnosis with Jennifer during a very difficult time in life and wanted to find a healthy approach to moving up and out of desperation. Her ability to hold a calm and safe space has allowed for deep self healing through out our many hypnosis sessions. It is unlike any other experience and I always come away with extraordinary insight and a profound peacefulness. I highly recommend!"

~ Leora C., Los Angeles, California

"Interactive, insightful, inspiring. My Rise up Hypnosis session with Jenn was a loving conversation with spirit guided by Jenn’s beautiful, relaxing, non-judgmental voice and presence. Through her guidance, I truly experienced a conversation with my own deepest, highest self. I learned from both past lifetimes and the present time what the next best path would be most life affirming for me. I also learned a beautiful lesson on life partners and hope from a loving past life experience. Jenn is a wonderful, gentle guide into your own life and past lives. The session proceeded exactly as stated and was never uncomfortable. The session’s insights have stayed with me and helped guide some key decisions in my life. She also records the session so I can go back and listen to any part of the session when needed. Jenn is present and professional and I highly recommend a session with her."

~ Diane McShea, Kapaa, Hawaii

"My experiences with hypnosis with Jenn left a lasting impression on me emotionally and spiritually. She creates a safe space of non-judgement and open love for the soul to speak. The first session was really magical and empowering. It was like a reminder about this brave soul inside of me that I can tap into for strength and guidance in this life now. In my second session, the themes were a bit more tragic, but related into some central themes in my life. It provided context and answers about how to better understand insecurities and fears in my life. I witnessed indifference and loss and was able to understand why I suffered so much in a past life. In turn, the hypnosis experience created awareness to ensure I break any old soul patterns that lead to tragedy, and emphasized the importance of a spiritual connection for me today. I think this is why some people are afraid of hypnosis, of revealing something scary or dark. However, in my experience, hypnosis was a very gentle way of realizing my truth, both beautiful and tragic, to become the best version of myself today. Past lives hypnosis is adventurous, therapeutic, and raises consciousness in this very life. I look forward to what else will be revealed in more sessions. I encourage everyone to partake in a session with Jenn. She's the best!!!!" 

​~ Erin Y., Haleiwa, Hawaii

"I have done two hypnosis sessions with Jenn and both sessions took me to places unexpected within my subconscious. These sessions were done during a dark time in my life, when I was experiencing many life changes in my relationships and having difficulty navigating the direction my life was going in. Not only did I receive validation through the sessions that my "gut" was leading me in the right direction, the sessions helped me to realize the who, what, why and how of my situation and learn to handle the way others treat me differently. I would say that if you have the opportunity to do hypnosis, don't hesitate or be afraid. It is the safest, most comforting experience that I've had and I find myself wishing I was still under when I wake up. I could do it all the time."

​~ Y. Mack, Lihue, Hawaii

"I highly recommend a session with Jennifer Van Gorp. I had a great session with her, spoke to my higher self & my I AM presence. When the voice of God speaks to you, your life tends to change forever!!! And so much more makes sense now. On top of all this I got lots of questions answered that my head/brain could NEVER have reached, so helped me on my Soul Journey tremendously, giving me the confidence to move onwards & upwards no matter what and living & loving my Truth with integrity, joy, ease & grace - This is the PORTAL that Jennifer Van Gorp is offering you - the space where your deepest questions can & WILL BE ANSWERED!!!!! Life-changing with long-lasting integral effect on your whole life, your perceptions, attitudes, behaviours & preferences."

​~ Lozamay L., Hambleton, United Kingdom

"I’m so glad I had the opportunity to experience my first hypnosis session with Jennifer! I felt very relaxed and comfortable as I was guided through the process of exploring a space beyond the static of my “busy” mind. Hypnosis was fascinating and unlike any other healing therapy or wellness practice I’ve ever experienced. I plan to continue with more sessions and would absolutely recommend Rise Up to anyone curious about hypnosis!" 

~ Laurie Roberts, Kapaa, Hawaii

"I have always been a positive upbeat person and earlier this year I went through something that flipped my world upside down. Something heartbreaking and out of my control. I was unable to think clearly and lost my passion for leading a happy life. I was speaking with Jen one day about this and she encouraged me to attend a Hypnosis session with her. I agreed because, why not? I did not know what to expect going into my session, I was hoping to get a little clarifty from myself. I felt very comfortable as Jen took me through the beginning stage of my session. Once I was in the state where Jen asked me to be I realized I had no control of where my little fluffy white cloud was taking me. It was very interesting to see the places I went and the scenes I found myself in. Listening back on the recording I still don't know why I was taken to places but I am thankful for them. Near the end of my session, Jen had pulled out the list of questions she had me write down prior that I wanted to be asked. I also feel that I had no control over my answers, but I got much clarity from my responses and in the following months I have felt myself switch back to the positive life I knew before life's difficulties hit. I would definitely recommend a Hypnosis session with Jen for everyone! There are many different reasons individuals go through Hypnosis sessions, we all have questions we would like to ask our higher selves and I am so thankful that I was able to get much clarity out of my session and continue back into my life." 

​~ Kendyl Silva, Lihue, Hawaii

"Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww......! What can I say and where do I start? First off, I went into this hypnosis session with no experience or expectations as to what would happen. Upon meeting with Jennifer, I felt very safe and relaxed enough to open up and be vulnerable for the entire duration of the session. She provided me with not only a beautiful atmosphere that was comfortable, but her very energy was calming, safe, and helped me relax... I was very nervous! I loved that as the session began, Jennifer had me visualize a beautiful pyramid of white light to ensure I was safe and being taken care of in good hands. I didn't have any questions to ask before going into the session and allowed it to show me whatever was to be shown. I was absolutely amazed and astounded by the information I received from my parallel lives/higher-self! It helped me dissolve a few unconscious, yet deep-seated fears about being who I am and sharing who I am with the world for fear of being killed... turns out I was killed for shining my light in the past and the fears leaked over into this life, too! Since my session, I no longer have the same fears and have been able to begin building the businesses I've always dreamed of but hadn't started because of the previous stated fear. It also helped me see the unharmonious patterns in my love-life and where/how they were created, as well as the lesson to be learned from creating the patterns. It brought me closure from relationships I didn't previously have any closure on. I also learned how the physical manifestations of pain I have had in this life connect to my other lives! I would have a million more sessions with Jennifer and will most certainly be booking more when I get back to Kauai. I honestly cannot say enough good things about my hypnosis experience and HIGHLY recommend Rise Up Hypnosis to anyone and everyone! Seriously, book a session now before she is booked out! Rise Up Hypnosis is AMAZING!" 

​~ Jenavieve Hawks, Dallas, Texas

​"My session was great experience. Jenn is a very skilled hypnotist and prepared me well for my session. I was able to achieve complete and utter relaxation which allowed the 'fog' of daily life to be lifted and Jenn was able to access core feelings and emotions that are often suppressed. It was interesting... I walked away feeling both a little shaken up (in a good way) and also more clear about some things I had not previously resolved. I won't say that all of life's problems were solved in a single session, but it was an experience that I draw on frequently to this day."

~ Tom, Denver, Colorado

​"I am happy that I did this session with you. It was pretty crazy at first and a mess in my head, but the days after it started all settling down and I could see all the results. I now see why a person can't be fully the same after this. Something definitely changes and I am experiencing this every day since the session. I think I learned a lot of important things, things that made me feel more comfortable with the reality, choices and life. So thank you for guiding me through! Definitely a positive effect on me! It gave me what I needed to know at this point of my life."

​ ~ Zhenya, Kauai, Hawaii

"I had one of Jen's hypnosis sessions from the comfort of my home. As a Chinese Medicine Practitioner I understand the necessity of releasing trauma and cellular memory from the body, and I'm always excited when I discover powerful tools to assist in this process! Jen's passion to help people heal using a unique hypnosis technique. Allowed me to go to several levels of memory and get confirmation of my universal truth and how I am able to connect and experience my authentic expression. It was a fun enjoyable experience that I highly recommend!"

~ Amy N., Fort Collins, Colorado

"Stoked about my session with Jenn and all of the insight that came of it! Jenn's professionalism is of the highest level. She helped me feel and experience such comfort in what was uncharted territory for me. Tapping into such deeper states of consciousness with Jenn as my guide is an experience I hope to live again. I highly recommend trying her out! If you're on the fence about giving it a go, my advice would be to surrender to the resistance and do it! I believe Jenn will help many of us to communicate with our own higher forms of intelligence to assist us in directing our own paths. I really look forward to our next session."

​ ~ Jason T., Kilaeua, Hawaii

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