An affordable & convenient alternative to

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)

Why choose a virtual session?

  1. Rise Up Hypnosis sessions cost less and are less time consuming than the traditional in-person sessions: sessions last about 2 hours & cost only $150;

  2. Clients can stay in the privacy and comfort of their own space;

  3. Headphones make it easier for you to hear my voice with less outside noises and distractions making it easier to go even deeper;

  4. Clients receive a video recording of their session, conducted via FaceTime or Skype;

  5. Sessions are conducted by a certified Level 2 QHHT practitioner who has had over 3 years of experience with traditional, in-person sessions.


Why does official qhht

not allow virtual sessions &

how do you get around that?

The late founder of QHHT, Dolores Cannon, did not allow sessions to be conducted virtually because she did not trust the stability of technology (power outages, loss of wifi connection, etc.). This totally makes sense. In a Rise Up Hypnosis session, we maintain enough awareness so that we can reconnect safely should we get disconnected during trance.

Dolores Cannon also stressed the importance of the practitioner being able to visibly see the client so as to read body language and ensure safety, comfort and efficacy during the session. I conduct all sessions via FaceTime or Skype video so that I, too, can maintain visibility of the client.

Is a virtual session

right for me?

That is entirely up to you! What ever you feel most attracted to at this time is what is best. I will never try to convince you one way or another.


If you'd like to chat and ask me questions, please feel free to call or text me at (808) 755-5224 or E-mail me at 

If you're interested in a traditional QHHT session, you can search the official QHHT website for a practitioner near you:

Will I still go as deep &

talk to my higher self?

Yes! Rise Up Hypnosis virtual sessions go just as deep as traditional in-person QHHT session​s. We also speak directly with your Higher Self.

Why are these sessions shorter than official qhht sessions?

In an official QHHT session, the practitioner will conduct an extensive interview with the client before inducting them into a state of trance. During this time, the client will tell the practitioner their entire life story so as to allow the mind to continue to unfold during the session. 

I do not conduct an interview like this. Instead, I have clients complete an online questionnaire prior to the session that gives me a general overview of the client's. In this way, there is less personal information that is shared; however, I have found that I only attract clients that do not require the extensive interview in order to benefit from my sessions. 

NOTE: The amount of time under hypnosis, however, is the same for both QHHT and virtual sessions: 1-2 hours

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"After over 3 years of conducting traditional, QHHT in-person sessions, I wanted to give more people the opportunity to experience a deeper connection to their Higher Self and their inner knowing. With these virtual sessions, I am so grateful to connect with people who are ready for deep inner work, but who might not otherwise get the chance to have a session like this."

~ Jennifer Van Gorp, creator of Rise Up Hypnosis

"Jenn's virtual sessions are my favorite! Not only because they are so convenient and easy to schedule, but because you can watch the recording later and really get a sense for how deep and powerful the experience really was."

~ Leora C., Los Angeles, California