Are you ready to move forward,

but feel like something is

holding you back? 

"I was absolutely amazed and astounded 

by the information I received..."

~ Jenavieve H., Dallas, Texas

You feel like there is

old trauma that still lingers with you.

You feel so many  potential directions that you can't move towards any one of them.

Your mind-chatter is louder than your inner wisdom.

"I got lots of questions answered 

that my head/brain could

NEVER have reached."

~ Lozamay L., United Kingdom

Hypnosis calms the mind, creating space for deeper knowing.

"Hypnosis was a very gentle way of 

realizing my truth to become the 

best version of myself today."

~ Erin Y. Haleiwa, Hawaii

What to expect:








First, a completely safe and non-judgmental space.


Also, a 100% confidential and incredibly relaxing experience.

We will begin with a pre-session discussion to answer any questions you may have and to have a clear understanding about your intentions for your session.

We will then relax into hypnosis with intuitive, guided visualizations that activate your right brain's imagery and imagination.

We will then enter a deeper level of understanding by asking questions about the details of your experience.

In the end, we speak directly with your Higher Self / Subconscious (whichever is your preferred perspective).

Finally, all sessions are recorded and emailed to you so that you may listen to and integrate your experience into your life.

"Her ability to hold a calm and safe space has allowed for deep self healing."

~ Leora C., Los Angeles

"Jenn took the time to

explain the process and make me feel completely at ease."

~ Amber A., Anchorage

"I was able to achieve complete and utter relaxation which allowed the 'fog' of daily life to be lifted ."

~ Tom D., Denver

"I got much clarity

from my responses."

~ Kendyl S., Hawaii

"I truly experienced a conversation

with my own deepest, highest self."

~ Diane M., Hawaii

How Virtual Sessions Work:

  • Virtual sessions are conducted via Zoom

  • I charge by the session, not by the hour. You will have my full attention until we are complete.

  • On average, my sessions last 1.5 - 2 hours. 

  • Sessions are $150.00 for the introductory session and $85.00 for 

  • sessions thereafter. There is a 50% deposit required to confirm each session.

  • Most clients will have anywhere from 1-6 sessions depending on their needs.

  • Sliding scale available, contact me to discuss options.

"One thing I appreciated most was that she was so respectful in facilitating access to my own values and beliefs rather than imposing her own - all the while, reacting in an open, inviting and grounded way to my input with her calming/containing voice and demeanor. Truly marks of a highly qualified coach."

~ Jared Powell CSW, MSW, JD

"It is the safest, most comforting experience that I've had and I find myself wishing I was still under when I wake up. I could do it all the time."

~ Y. Mack., Lihue, Hawaii

If you feel like you are ready for a deeper understanding, please click the link below and fill out the form to schedule a session.

"Hypnosis was fascinating and unlike any other healing therapy or wellness practice I’ve ever experienced."

~ Laurie R., Kapaa, Hawaii

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