A fun & easy way to explore your subconscious.









First, all participants find a comfortable position lying down. Yoga mats and pillows are encouraged!


Participants close their eyes and listen to my voice.

I guide the participants through a type of visualization that taps into their right brain and brings forward stories that are important for them to see. 

After the first visualization experience, participants write about what they saw in order to retain the details. 

Participants have the opportunity to share what they saw, if they choose.

In total, we do 3 different visualization experiences that provide information that is important for each participant to know.

In this way, the information that comes forward is unique to each participant and can remain 100% private, if they choose.

"Jen is just the best.  She's a true professional and was so open and calming.  I was skeptical and a little nervous, but the experience ended up being one I will never forget.  My friends and I did a group session and we each ended up on such different journeys, yet all got emotional when it came to our own experience.  It was oddly bonding and not at all uncomfortable or jarring like I expected it to be.  The mind is an amazing thing and we couldn't have asked for a better tour guide through it's mysteries!"

~ Emily P., Salt Lake City, Utah

"I'm so happy I met Jen and had a session with her. Her voice was very tranquil and soothing and I was able to go deep into a relaxed state. This healing session was incredible, and I was able to go back to see monumental parts of my life that have great meaning to me now that I would not have known. Jen's intuitive questions and guidance throughout the session were spot on. I was beyond comfortable with her and highly recommend her!"

~ Rachel C., Salt Lake City, Utah


  • I come to you! I live in Salt Lake City. For nearby sessions, I add the travel price of a roundtrip Uber to the cost of the session. For those outside of Salt Lake City, please contact me to discuss travel costs.

  • I charge by the session, not by the hour. You will have my full attention until we are complete.

  • On average, my sessions last 1.5 - 2 hours, depending on how many participants there are and how much the participants choose to discuss their experiences.

  • Group sessions are $200.00 each for up to 10 people. Please contact me for pricing on sessions that anticipate more than 15 participants.

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