Frequently Asked Questions

This is a pretty unique type of hypnosis. Here are the questions I get asked most often:


"What if I can't be hypnotized?"

Everyone can be hypnotized. It's a simple change in brain waves. Most hypnotists work in the alpha brain waves (same state you're in when you're driving a car). We work in theta brain waves - same state you're in when you're falling asleep and waking up. You are in this brain state twice per day!

“Will I be unconscious during the process?”

Unlikely. While this has happened before, it is only on very rare occasions and with in-person sessions. Think of this type of hypnosis as a deep state of relaxation. You won’t fall asleep and you’ll remain conscious the entire time.

“If I remain conscious then why do we record the sessions?”

While you will remain conscious during the session, we will access a part of your brain that is similar to the state your in when you're falling asleep and waking up. This is the time that you are aware that you are awake, but also are remembering your dreams. In that same way that dreams tend to fade once you awaken, the details of the session will also fade. Additionally, there is great empowerment in hearing your own voice answer your most challenging questions. It is this empowerment that we focus on here at Rise Up Hypnosis. Because when you know your own power, you can rise up to your challenges with more confidence and self-love.


"I'm uncomfortable with the idea of someone in my head."

Unlike the hypnosis used in entertainment, I do not make you say or do anything that you're unaware of or would not want to say or do. I also do not “implant” new personality traits, habits or ways of thinking. You are completely aware of the entire process and have complete control. It really just feels like guided visualization while being comfortably relaxed.

"Will you heal me?"

No. I can not heal you. Only you can heal yourself. If you want healing, it is up to you to make the most of this process. I am only the guide.


“Will you solve my problems for me?”

Nope. I can not solve your problems. I can only guide you to experience the bigger picture. All the information you need is within yourself. When in trance, we will have the opportunity to ask questions to your subconscious/higher self. It is at this time that YOU are more clearly able to answer your own questions.

"I'm afraid I might uncover things that make me uncomfortable."

Then this type of work is probably not for you. If you're ready for growth, you may or may not uncover some uncomfortable information. However, due to the loving and safe nature of self-healing, you will not experience any damaging discomfort or have any negative side effects. But you MUST be willing to see your situation from a higher perspective, no matter what.


"What if I cry during the session?"

Awesome! We've uncovered some real important information! Bring on those tears, you're in a very loving a safe space.


“Is this attached to any certain spiritual beliefs?”

No. All this is is an opportunity to relax and be guided through some visualizations that allow you to see your situation from a higher perspective - to see the bigger picture.


“I heard this is past life regression.”

The idea of “past life regression” is simply a way that a person can take ownership of, understand, and move forward from where they’ve been to where they are going. If you believe in past lives, then this is what you may call it. If you do not, then you can consider it to be stories that your subconscious mind is using in order to illustrate the root of your situation from a different perspective. There is no real difference in how your perspective is used to help you. The point is to understand that you inherently know more about your situation than you may already realize.


“Do I have to believe in past lives?”

Absolutely not. As stated above, there are many different perspectives that people can have in order to access the underlying source of their situation. Some people call it “past lives”, some people call it “imagination”, some people call it “genetic memory”, some people call it “implants”, and some people consider it a fusion of perspectives. In truth, all of those things can provide a person with all the information that they need to see their situation from a greater perspective. It’s simply a different path up the same mountain.


“What if I’m just making it up?”

I get this question all the time. My answer, “who cares?”. The truth is, your mind could have “made up” an infinite number of experiences to bring forward. But when you go into a session with a certain intention, you must trust that whatever your mind (your subconscious, your imagination) brings forward, it is important for you to see. That is, you’ve “made it up” for a reason. So just TRUST yourself and go with it!


"How was Rise Up hypnosis developed?"


Rise Up Hypnosis was developed with the methodology of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ (QHHT®). QHHT was developed by the late Dolores Cannon, a pioneer of regression hypnotherapy, in the late 1960s. This technique induces the individual into the Somnambulistic state of trance through visualization. A state which, under ordinary circumstances, is experienced only twice daily: the moment just before you become consciously awake and the moment just before you fall asleep. Historically, hypnotists have avoided conducting research with subjects in this state because of the often strange and inexplicable results that are recorded.

"What's so special about QHHT?"


In this state of trance, we can directly communicate with the subconscious mind, the higher self, and even other entities. We can also enter into other planes of existence and sensory experience. It is also in this state that you can access information that would be difficult or impossible to access through ordinary methods of the physical realm. The only limits to information are those that you impose on yourself due to the inability of the brain to accurately and safely comprehend the information. 


"How does QHHT Work?"

​By accessing the part of your brain that creates imagery, your subconscious  will bring forward information that is important for you to see in your life today. Based on your personal beliefs and needs, your subconscious may bring forward imagery from this lifetime, from other lifetimes, or simply stories that bring more clarity to the challenging situations in your life. These images are used as reference points when speaking directly to your subconscious. In this way, we can discuss whatever challenges you are facing from a much greater and more understanding perspective. 

"Do You do QHHT Sessions?"


Yes, I do conduct 10 in-person sessions per month in Salt Lake City, Utah. However, although I am a Level 2 practitioner of Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), the sessions that I conduct virtually are not allowed to be considered "official" QHHT sessions. Official QHHT sessions are only supposed to be conducted in person. Virtual sessions use a different technique than traditional QHHT.


"Do you do group sessions?"

Yes! Group sessions are a fun and easy way to explore hypnosis on a lighter level. These sessions are similar to virtual sessions except that you do not respond aloud when I ask questions. Instead, in between each visualization exercise, you will write down your experience so that you can keep the information private, if you choose.

"Why do I have to apply for a session?"


When I work with a client, I tap into my own intuitive and clairvoyant abilities in order to guide the client in the very best way possible. Because I connect myself with the client on that deep of level, I can only work with people that are at a specific place on their journey:

  • Genuinely curious about themselves and the universe;

  • Eager to explore and open to any information that is ready to be known;

  • Playful enough to enjoy the process; and

  • Easygoing with themselves and with the guidance that I provide.

"How Does Payment Work?"


After reviewing your application, I will contact you to schedule a tentative time and date for our session. I will then send you an invoice via PayPal. Upon receiving payment, I will email you to confirm the scheduling of our session. I will only hold the tentative time and date for 48 hours, before making it available to others.

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