Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)

Level 2 Practitioner

Jennifer Van Gorp

I always felt like I was crazy. Like there was so much more going on beneath the surface of what we can see. Because of this, I grew up feeling that I could never quite fit in. It was like I knew things that I didn't have the words to describe. And because of that, I found it very difficult to be able to relate to and connect with other people. An inner loneliness prevailed through much of my youth and adulthood.

I couldn’t tell the difference between who I really was and the human experiences that influenced me. I felt like I was living two worlds at once: a world that wasn’t really me and a world that was. And I couldn’t tell which was which. I read countless books, listened to many podcasts, and attended all sorts of classes and workshops. But nothing helped.

The year I graduated from the University of Utah (2008), I read a book from Dolores Cannon, a world renowned regression hypnotist. The words in her books triggered a "Yes!" inside me that changed my entire life. For the first time, the nagging sensation that there is so much more happening here was validated. It described experiences that illustrated a much, much bigger picture. And it confirmed my deep inner knowing that we are far more powerful, courageous, all-knowing and infinite than we have ever given ourselves credit for.


The most important concept from her books that changed my life, was the idea that each one of us has access to all information. We know exactly who we are on a level beyond this human existence. And we have the ability to draw on our true selves and access powerful information to guide us in the very best way possible. While I do believe we have countless guides and support from the universe, the most empowering idea is to know that each one of us is our own greatest guide.


And then serendipity struck! In 2015, I felt compelled to learn a new skill. I found myself on Dolores Cannon’s website. Through all those years, I never even knew that her methods could be learned (she had passed away in 2014). So I was very interested in the idea of being able to learn the type of hypnosis that she developed.


I was living on the small island of Kauai in Hawaii at the time. There was only ONE  training scheduled in the entire United States…. And it was 4 weeks away, 5 minutes from my house! I was shocked! I immediately enrolled and focused intensely on being prepared for the training with Dolores’s daughter, Julia Cannon.


After a while of working as a hypnotist, I realized why the hypnosis sessions were so powerful - people actually get a chance to feel their knowledge! Because this type of hypnosis operates so deeply with the right brain, people can feel the relief of not needing to describe their truth and actually trust what they already know is within them.


With each session, I get to witness people feeling, knowing, and trusting their true selves. I am in deep gratitude and awe of everyone I work with. My clients show me more about this phenomenal, loving universe than anything I could have ever read in a book. I truly honor and respect each one of my clients. It takes a strong person to commit to looking within themselves for answers in a world that tries so hard to distract us with what’s been created on the outside.


Thanks for being awesome!!

~ Jennifer


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